Scavenger Wars

Packaged playtest cards for the game that eventually became Ani-Mayhem. Many thanks to the Temple Of The Gamegod and Jody Larson.

Scan of 'Afura Mann' Scavenger Wars card Scan of 'Misdirection' Scavenger Wars card Scan of 'Hot Springs House' Scavenger Wars  card

I am looking to buy/trade for more Scavenger Wars, Ani-Mayhem misprints and Set One uncut card sheets, and Set Zero uncut card sheets with a white border between the cards. If you have these things, I'll pay $ or I'll dig through my cards if you want to trade.

When you're done here, check out Ani-Mayhem Online and Ani-Mayhem 2010.

Database May 24, 2014

Hand Computer

The incomplete Scavenger Wars cardlist. List includes the card name, the type, its rarity, which anime series is featured, and the set.

Guide May 24, 2014

Traffic Ticket

The text and information for all of the cards.

Binder May 25, 2014


View the cards!

Miscellaneous May 22, 2014

Mihoshi's Mothership

The rest of it.